Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing photography? 14 years

What camera do you shoot with? Canon 5D Mark II

How do you get such clean faces? That's the combination of portable lighting system and custom made actions I use to edit.

Do you put skies in the photos? No. What you see is what I shot on the shoot. The portable lighting system allows me to balance the sky and my clients and make them both pop naturally without having to make the image in Photoshop later.

Can you swap heads? Yes, as long as they are a similar angle and light. That's actually pretty easy.

Do you offer digital files or prints? Both. We recently began to allowing for digital files on shoots. We still offer prints, but if you'd like to take your disc and order them yourself, that's fine too.

Do you recommend anyone for prints? Yes! is amazing. Their products are head and shoulders about most places, their pricing is competitive, they have a wide variety of products, and their customer service is unmatched by any consumer print service. They are owned by the same parent companies of the ones I use.

What do you recommend for clothing choices? This totally depends on the person. Saturated colors are usually better. Solids are good, some pattern is good, but don't let it overtake you. Wear what you're comfortable in. If you aren't comfortable, it will show. Looking for families? Coordinate, don't matchy matchy. Coordinating works better. Pick a few colors and go with it. Little boys and girls outfits are great for tying clothing together. Vertical stripes make you look taller and thinner. We won't talk about what horizontal stripes do to most people unless you're a kid or a size 2.

What about locations? Depends on what you want. I have learned to not stress the location as much as the appropriate location for who I am photographing. For example, don't take kids somewhere they can get hurt, and you'll be constantly yelling at them. If they are in trouble, they aren't going to look pretty and smile.

What time of day is best for photos? Anytime. I can accommodate any time and schedule so what ever time is best for you and your family is best for me! Perks of a portable lighting system is I'm not dependent on natural light which is amazing for those incredible sunset shots and darkly light photos... And for hanging out in the shade facing away from the sun, but making it look perfectly even!

What is your favorite thing to shoot? Well, I have several. I absolutely love engagements and weddings. I love to do senior photos and families. Kids over the age of 9 months are fun, too!

How long do you take to edit a session? A regular session takes around two weeks to edit and get back to clients.

How large can I print my photos off of the disc? I recommend staying at or below 11x14's. Anything larger than that, I ask that clients come through me so I can assure you get the quality of product you deserve to have hanging in your home.

Do you take maternity and newborn photos? I can, but they are definitely not my specialty. I can try my best, but they require a really hot room. My most successful newborn shoot was with my best friend's son at three days old. We closed off her master bedroom and used her bed. We had a 

heater on so high we were both sweating by the end of it, but he was peaceful. My style of newborn photos is natural. Emery looks peaceful and natural in his. I don't like to do the propped head or hanging in a sling which is the style these days. If you want natural photos or photos with your child, I can do them.

If you're in the market for the head propped and stylish photos of the day, I have a couple of friends in the business I highly recommend if you're looking for that. They have the magic baby whisper trait and will make sure your baby is safe during the session. Message me, and I'll put you in contact with them!



If you have any other questions I haven't covered, please shoot me a message, and I'll answer it right away!! Thanks for visiting the page!