Ordering and Viewing Your Photo Proofs

After your photos have been processed, we post them to an online gallery for your viewing and review.  Here, you have a chance to view all of the pictures, comment, share the ones you like on your favorite social networking applications, and place your orders for finished prints.

Once your pictures are uploaded, you will receive an email notification with the client access code for your gallery as well as a link to your photos.  You may navigate to your proofs by either clicking the included link or going to our Home Page, selecting "Client Proofs", and entering the access code exactly as it was given to you.

As you view your proofs, you may see them grouped together as thumbnails, or you may click the individual pictures to view them in a larger preview.  Please note, the "Proof" watermark will not be present in ANY finished prints.  Whether you decide to select your favorites as you go through the proofs individually or review them all and select multiple ones side-by-side, our convenient gallery system allows you to select them as you want to.

When viewing the photos individually, simply hold your mouse over the picture, and you will see a photo menu appear in the top corner.  If the photo is one you would like to order, select the Add to Favorites option.  For each picture you add to your favorites, a notification will appear in the top corner of your browser to let you know the photo was added to your favorites. East End, Little Rock, and Sheridan, Arkansas photos by Kadence Photography


Senior Photography in East End, Sheridan, and Little Rock, AR

If you would like to share the picture through email or your favorite
social networking site, select the Share option.

If you would prefer to view all of the proofs side by side and select multiple pictures at once, simply click the "Select Photos" option when viewing as thumbnails.  

When you have finished making your selections, you may proceed directly to checkout or save the selected photos while you continue to browse through your proofs.  To save your favorites and continue browsing, use the save for purchasing later option. Arkansas Wedding, Family, and Senior Portraits by Kadence Photography





Online photo ordering: East End, Little Rock, and Sheridan, Arkansas Once this option has been enabled, you will be able to place a checkmark next to those images you want to add to your favorites by clicking on the empty circle in the bottom corner of the proof.
Portraits in Sheridan, East End, and Little Rock, Arkansas by Kadence Photography

Once you have completed selecting all of your favorites, you have the option to place an order, share the selection with a friend, or share them with us if you have any questions or custom requests.  To review your selections, select Edit My Selection in the top left corner of your screen.  You will be taken to a screen containing only those photos you have selected as your favorites.  If you wish to save this selection for more updates at a later date or share it with us so we may work on a custom order or change to the proofs for you, you will first have to create an online client account with us so that we may associate the favorites you selected with you personally.  

"Sheridan, AR", "Little Rock, AR", and "East End, AR" portraits by Kadence Photography

Don't worry, we don't sell your information or share it.  It's only to help us manage your orders and provide you with better service.

"East End, Arkansas" Wedding, Family, and "Senior Photography"


After you have created a client account on our server, you will have the option to store your favorites for a future update or share them with us.  To share your favorite selection with us, simply click "Send To" and use the send to photographer tab.

If you decide you would like to share your favorites with a parent, friend, relative, or loved one, you may also use this screen to send them an email with a link to your favorites.  The full access link allows the person with the link to make modifications to your favorites selection.  The read-only set only shows them your favorites.

Wedding, Family, and "High School Senior" Photographs in "East End", "Little Rock", Sheridan, Arkansas

When you are ready to place your order, select the size and type of prints you would like to purchase from our products menu, and add them to your cart.  If you have selected a package consisting of multiple photos, a window will appear prompting you to drag photos from your favorites into the placeholders at the side of the window.  Since our finishing services are based on the prints themselves, many of our packages allow you to use multiple poses to fulfill the order (i.e. 3 prints of this pose and 2 prints of that pose to round out your 5) so you don't have to worry about being left with 10 copies of the same pose laying around in one of your drawers if you run out of relatives.  Our system is designed with flexibility and you in mind.

Just before final checkout, you will be given an option to verify the configuration of your order and ensure you've assigned a pose to each of the prints you selected.  Once you have completed checkout, we will review the order, ensure there are no issues with the sizes and crops selected, and complete the process.  

If you have any questions or difficulty through the process, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you, and as always, THANK YOU for choosing Kadence Photography for your portraits.